Six people were killed during street battles with police in Indonesia


www.vsyako.netProtesters in Jakarta harness car pokryshkino: Dita Alangkara / AP

At least six people were killed in clashes with police in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, 200 more were injured. This is with reference to the Governor of Jakarta Anise Baswedan reports Reuters.

It is known that hundreds of protesters are still on the streets in the city centre. There are reports that dozens of people tried to storm one of the police stations. By the night rioters set fire to a dormitory, where they live, the police and burned several cars.

A police spokesman said that about 20 people were detained during the searches, police found at least two guns. He also said that the crackdown involved about 40 thousand policemen using water cannons and tear gas. None of them, he said, were not issued firearms.

The protests began on Tuesday, may 21, as a peaceful demonstration. To the streets went citizens who disagree with the results of the presidential elections: they won the acting head of Indonesia Joko Widodo. His opponent Probo, Subianto scored 44.5 percent of the vote and lost — his supporters believe that the reason for this were numerous violations on the part of the authorities.

The government and independent observers believe that the elections were fair, and protest among those who disagree with their results incite a certain group of persons interested in instability within Indonesia.

17 April in Indonesia held simultaneous elections for President and Vice-President of the country, as well as national and regional parliamentary elections. In the counting of the votes was attended by about seven million people.

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