Six-year-old boy fell from the 23rd floor and escaped with bruises


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Zhejiang Gonjye Fire Brigade

In the Chinese city of Hangzhou firefighters rescued a boy who fell into the ventilation shaft from the 23rd floor. On it informs the British edition Daily Mail.

The incident occurred on may 20. Six-year-old boy was playing in the apartment of his neighbor. The house was renovated, so the builders have replaced the concrete slab between the two balconies on the wooden Board. The child stepped on it and fell into the ventilation shaft.

The boy survived after falling on the air conditioner which softened the blow. Hangzhou firefighters immediately reported the incident and they went to the scene. Rescuers put on the child’s special climbing equipment, reassured him, and helped him upstairs. Operation on liberating of mine took six minutes, after which the boy was taken to the hospital.

He received only minor bruises on her back and arm.

Earlier in may it was reported that in China, the child almost died, hanging on the ledge of the balcony 14-th floor. Eyewitnesses immediately reported the incident to the police and called the boy’s parents. They quickly returned home and took it off the ledge.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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