Sobchak spoke with Lars von Trier about Hitler and showed the middle finger


www.vsyako.netKsenia Sobchak and Lars von Trierer: Ksenia Sobchak / YouTube

Director Lars von Trier spoke with the former candidate in presidents of Russia, the new Ksenia Sobchak about the figure of Adolf Hitler in modern society and the creativity of the filmmaker. Conversation posted on YouTube on Wednesday, may 22.

“You like to live in such a black and white world where it is impossible to say the name “Hitler” without having to attract everyone’s attention? In the world of tolerance and political correctness because society itself becomes Hitler, okay, hounding me anyone who says something”, — said Sobchak.

“We in the Western world have lived the Golden age of democracy and didn’t even appreciate it, demanding more freedom. Now, as you know, in Europe there is a strong roll right, and America in the terrible trump — and even more. Young people need to fight this right — hand bias” – the Director said.

“But in the new film (“the House that Jack built” — approx. “Of the”), you’ll get the same Lars von Trier, strong, uncompromising and showing all “fuck you,” said Sobchak, showing the Director the finger. — Again you say there about the tree at Buchenwald, about icon of evil, Hitler and everything.”

“Yeah, because that’s the Central thing for me. I believe that one of the main lessons we were taught — that within each of us sits a Nazi or Hitler. Although Hitler probably overkill. I recently read that he was sitting on the “Spidola” cocaine and heroin every morning throughout the war. Don’t know, does that make him more human. The war was a terrible evil, not only for Jews but for the Russians, of course. Because in Russia she was the most cruel,” replied von Trier.

In October 2017 the Icelandic singer Bjork told about sexual harassment von Trier on the film “Dancer in the dark” in 2000. The Director stated that the artist statement is not true.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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