The author of “the Geographer globe propyl” explained the lack of self-esteem among the Russians


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Writer Alexey Ivanov, the author of “the Geographer globe propyl”, “Easting” and “Dorm-on-blood”, explained in an interview with the great Yuri Dude, why the industrial city of Manchester looks tidier Russian city of Chelyabinsk. Interview with the writer published on the YouTube channel “wdud” on Wednesday, may 22.

“Russia is not like England. Russia is not interested in him, does not value themselves, not trying to learn how to reinvent ourselves at the level of the new time. Therefore, the richness of the cultural heritage of Russia is not working either in terms of tourist facilities, either in terms of self-esteem,” said Ivanov.

The writer added that the “blame the nation”. “We are — because we don’t talk about it,” he explained great.

The writer also admitted that he does not like Moscow, which he called “the pillow of safety of the Russian authorities”. “We have the power concentrated in one place, in Moscow, because we have supercentralization country. Accordingly, the influence on the power only to residents of Moscow. At least some “pugachevshchina” it happened in Irkutsk — nobody will scratch. The danger for the government comes only from Moscow, so Moscow needs to be fed”, said Ivanov.

In 2013, based on the novel of the writer “the Geographer globe propyl” was shot the same film with Konstantin Khabensky in the title role. The Director of the film was made by Alexander Veledinsky.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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