The Houthis twice a day fired at the airport in Saudi Arabia


www.vsyako.netFrame: Al Masdar News

Forces of the Yemeni Houthi rebels continued twice in the last days fired at the airport in the Saudi city of Najran. It is reported by AMN.

It is reported that Yemeni drones attacked the airport, dealing a blow to the arms depot. Such a goal is chosen, perhaps because air forces of Saudi Arabia use these airstrips for attacks on Yemen.

Najran is a border town with Yemen, the centre of the eponymous administrative district in the South of Saudi Arabia.

May 15 was the effects of the previous attack husitska drones on the Saudi oil pipeline.

The Yemeni conflict is in the active phase in 2014. Rebel Huthis allegedly supported Iran and Hezbollah. Against them — the army of Yemen and the coalition of Arab States led by Saudi Arabia

Video, photo All from Russia.


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