The leader of the British house of Commons resigned because of Brexit


www.vsyako.netAndrea Lecompte: Matt Dunham / AP Photo

The leader of the house of Commons of the UK Parliament Andrea Leeds (Andrea Leadsom) has resigned. She announced this in his Twitter.

The politician has published his message to the Prime Minister of the Kingdom Theresa may. In it, she stated their disagreement with her position on Brexit. In particular, she doubted that great Britain will remain “a true sovereign” in the case of withdrawal from the EU at present.

“With great regret and a heavy heart that I resign,” she concluded.

Leeds took the post of the head of the house of Commons in June 2017. Prior to that, she was a rival may for the chair of the Prime Minister, and not left to their ambitions.

May 21, may has promised the Parliament the opportunity to vote for a new referendum on the country’s exit from the EU — with the proviso that the legislators will support her new project agreement with the European Union. The new document, which the Prime Minister will present in the beginning of June, includes additional safeguards for the rights of workers, measures to protect the environment and provide a few details on the question of Ireland.

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