The Russians called the best and worst neighbors


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An elderly single person, a family with a disabled and a single mother with a child are considered by Russians as the most desirable neighbors. Social preferences of citizens in the sphere of neighborly relations found analysts “Levada-Center”, the research materials published on the website of the organization.

In the study, were interviewed more than a thousand people in 50 regions of Russia. According to the survey, analysts calculated an index of “neighborhood” of tolerance: if the value for a particular category of neighbors is less than 100, it is perceived as undesirable. On the contrary, if the value of the index approaches the 200, the willingness to see representatives of certain social groups as neighbors is high.

The best neighbors are the Russians considered older singles (the index — 195), families with disabled (193), single mothers (194). Also most would agree to live next to a very rich family (index 168) from very poor families (181), with families from African countries (129), from Vietnam or China (122). Worse attitude to immigrants from the Caucasus or from Central Asia (index 104).

Negatively people perceive neighbors, members of religious sects (index 49). In addition, they absolutely do not want to see on their stairwells homosexual couples (index 69) and dysfunctional families (77).

Experts note that young people aged 18-24 years more tolerant attitude to the possible neighbourhood with a homosexual couple, migrants and members of religious minorities. Respondents with higher education were one and a half times more likely to exhibit a neutral attitude to move in next door to homosexual couples than respondents with less than secondary education. In turn, the residents of Moscow often “with irritation, hostility” would react to neighbours, migrants from the Caucasus and Central Asia.

In December 2018, the inhabitants of one of houses in Moscow and collected signatures against nonresident families with cancer patients children rented a house from them in the stairwell at the time of treatment in the capital. After neighbors organized persecution of this family moved out of the apartment.

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