Thousands of candid photos of girls came into the net


www.vsyako.netOf mycale, Monsantoco: @kardashoon

Thousands of intimate photos of the inhabitants of Britain were in the public domain. This writes the Metro.

Snapshots are stored on the file hosting service Mega and sorted in folders with the names of the girls that are nested in folders with the names of British settlements. According to Metro, the catalog photo is a representation of all the major cities of the country.

Database found 23-year-old Briton of Mycale, monsoon (Monsoon Mikala), which received the link to your photos from school friends. According to the girl, her candid shots are not the first time appear on the Internet, but she had never seen them in such a large directory.

“It’s all just awful. Because of these photos so many people are feeling bad, and someone actually learns about them for the first time. This will cause them a lot of pain,” shared his opinion of the monsoon.

The Briton has complained to the base photo to the local police, but their actions did not satisfy her. “I had to explain to them what file sharing. How can you not understand, and then to investigate cybercrime?” — she was indignant.

In comments to journalists the Mega administrators said that not stand on its resource find files that violate the law, and usually you remove such content and block users. According to Metro, the photo of the girls is still free.

Revenge porn, or the so-called revenge porn, which is a publication of materials of a sexual nature without the consent is depicted in their faces, declared illegal in England and Wales from 2015. The maximum penalty for this offence is two years imprisonment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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