USA will keep Russia hundreds of millions of dollars


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In the U.S. Congress wanted to spend $ 280 million on the opposition of Russia. This is stated in the text of the draft law on the allocation of funds for state Department and foreign operations, which is introduced in the house of representatives.

The document, authored by Democrat Nita Lowey, it is proposed to allocate funds on the basis of the Act on combating Russian influence in Europe and Eurasia. It is specified that they will go to the strengthening of democracy in Russia and neighboring countries, including the most vulnerable to the campaigns of Moscow’s malevolent influence.

The funds cannot be directly transferred to Russia, as well as in any way to support its policies in relation to the Crimea or Ukraine, and Abkhazia and South Ossetia. To the bill entered into force, it must make the house of representatives and the Senate, and then signed by the President of the United States Donald trump.

In March it became known that the U.S. state Department in 2020 will spend $ 661 million to counter the influence of Russia.

Prior to that, trump introduced in the U.S. Congress a draft budget for the 2020 financial year, which begins in the country in October. Its total volume is 4.7 trillion dollars. In particular, the head of state asked to increase military spending by nearly five percent to 750 billion dollars, while the military portion of the budget focused primarily on “strategic competition” with Russia and China.

In January it was reported that the United States will continue to adopt a policy of nuclear deterrence of Russia and China. In the same month, The Washington Post wrote that the us military budget is actually slightly greater than the corresponding expenditures of the Chinese and Russian sides.

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