Who won the Kremlin. the Ukrainian Minister was afraid of the lack of weapons NATO


www.vsyako.netStepan Poltorakov: RIA Novosti

The rearmament of the Ukrainian army to NATO standards may be under threat. This was stated by the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak, in an interview to the edition “Now”.

According to him, in order that Ukraine was in the Alliance, it has to implement several reforms, including the reform of the Armed forces.

“I don’t see threats of nonperformance, at least that was planned by me as Minister of defence until 2020. With the exception of those reforms that are associated with financial resource I’m talking about upgrading to NATO standards,” — said Poltorak.

As an example, the Minister cited Poland, “which is already 20 years in NATO”, but still has Soviet weapons. “Therefore, there is a threat,” he said.

May 20, Poltorak wrote a letter of resignation from the post of defense Minister. He later explained that he did it out of respect for the constitutional law of the new President of the country Vladimir Zelensky to offer my candidature for the post of Minister of defense.

On the same day Poltorak has published in his Facebook account a photo collage with a ruined Kremlin, and an hour later removed the image.

Ukrainian authorities have started talking about possible NATO membership after Euromaidan in February 2014. In June 2017, the Verkhovna Rada amended the law, declaring the membership in NATO one of the priorities in foreign policy. In February this year the then President Petro Poroshenko signed the amendments to the Constitution, which enshrines the country’s course towards membership in NATO and the European Union.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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