Young lover terrorized the old messages on the mirrors for the inheritance


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In the UK 28-year-old lover left on the mirrors older beloved biblical message, so she wrote it in a will. According to the news portal BBC News, the woman believed that she communicates God and almost went crazy.

Benjamin field (Benjamin Field) has long sought the location of the 83-year-old pensioner Ann Moore-Martin (Ann Moore-Martin). He wrote her letters, sent cards, wrote love poems, and hinted at marriage. All this time, fielder asked the sweetheart money. The man argued that he needs 27 thousand pounds (2.2 million rubles) for treatment of the sick brother.

Soon Moore-Martin began to notice in the mirror the strange inscriptions with biblical allusions: “whatever you give Him, He will return to you”, “Your intentions are Holy, your work is not done, take care and do the task given you by the Lord” and “Pray for Ben, Ben loves you.” Religious woman decided that communicates with her God, began to worry about his mental state and decided to leave the house lover. But shortly before her death she changed her mind and decided that the field tried to poison her.

Soon, the woman died a natural death, and the man was arrested. Police found the phone field images of the inscriptions on the mirrors. He is accused that he planned to kill an old lady, but to make it look like an accident.

Prior to that, the accused lived with a neighbor Moore-Martin, a 69-year-old University Professor Peter Percheron (Peter Farquhar). He was planning to marry a man, but after meeting with the pensioner broke up with him. Investigators suspect field in the murder of the Professor.

The defendant denies that he killed a man. He added that he really cheated on Moore-Martin, however, did not agree with the charges of planning her murder with a friend.

The hearing in his case continues.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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