A colleague of Prince Harry kicked out of the army for drugs


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Corporal Frankie O’leary, who served with the British Prince Harry was present at his wedding, was dismissed from the regiment for the use of cocaine. This writes the Mirror.

Reportedly, his drug test class “A” gave positive result. In connection with the policy of zero tolerance in the near future, O’leary will leave from service. It is noted that he was one of four soldiers, got on drugs in the last days.

As told one of the friends of the guilty, O’leary knows he made a huge mistake that cost him his beloved: “He feels that he failed his family, friends and regiment.”

O’leary had served with Harry in Afghanistan in 2007 and was his radio operator. At the wedding in 2018, he was part of the retinue of the Prince, was one of 24 soldiers who accompanied his carriage after the wedding.

In April it was reported that a group of servants of the Royal Navy of great Britain were suspended from work on the submarine due to testing positive for drugs. The submarine was preparing for a complex mission to track Russian submarines.

Zero tolerance policy was introduced in November 2018. In accordance with it, prohibited re-employment of those who, even once he failed the test.

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