Disclosed is a danger of charging the phone at the airport


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ivan Alvarado / Reuters

Travelers warned about the dangers of using USB ports for charging mobile devices at airports. Reported by Forbes.

It turned out that the attackers modify these ports, resulting in the mobile device installs malicious software (ON). It can “steal” owner information, in particular information about the Bank account, without his knowledge.

“Let’s say I’m the bad guy. I come to the airport. I’m not going to disassemble the whole charging station, but I can just insert your cable. You can see the charging cable from Apple, and probably connected to it. However, inside it built a special chip that will bring you malware. So you charge your phone, and I own your data,” explained Vice President X-Force Threat Intelligence at IBM Security Caleb Barlow.

The expert recommended to charge the phone in the normal cable, connecting to power outlets in airports, or to take with you a portable battery.

In September 2018 the scientists of the Finnish National Institute of health and welfare proved the danger of staying in airports. The researchers took samples from surfaces that are often touched by passengers at Helsinki airport to identify the presence of harmful bacteria. Half of all viruses were kept in plastic containers for personal belongings and shoes used during the inspection at customs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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