Healthy dog put to sleep because of the will of the mistress


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

In one of veterinary clinics of the U.S. state of Virginia doctors had to euthanize a healthy dog breed Shih Tzu for wills ee the deceased owner. Reported by the New York Daily News.

During the life of the woman demanded that her pet be buried with her. The shelter staff tried to persuade her family to save the dog’s life, convincing them that they could easily find the pet a new home. However, the relatives demanded to fulfill the will of the deceased.

The result is a Shih Tzu put to sleep and then cremated. The dog’s ashes put in an urn, which was placed beside her mistress.

Euthanasia of healthy animals in Virginia is allowed, but many veterinarians do not provide such services, considering them to be unethical. The state is the main office of the organization PETA (“people for the ethical treatment of animals”), which positions its activities as a struggle for animal rights.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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