Is the divorce lawyer made famous in the network


www.vsyako.netImage: @JamesMcMinn

Divorce lawyer James Mcminn (James McMinn) became famous in the network thanks to the original advertising your services on Facebook. Publications Makenna noticed the lady Elizabeth Sampat Twitter.

Each of the posts of lawyer consists of pictures, on which is written a joke, lead a potential customer to the fact that he should definitely take advantage Makenna. “I want to divorce to focus on my five Boyfriends? Call,” — said in a publication. “I want to divorce her husband, to come together with a rich lover? Cruel, but you call me after all,” writes the lawyer in his other post.

Often times the lawyer of their posts to discuss the network events. “Give your mother what she really wants for mother’s Day: divorce,” reads the caption on another picture Macminn. “What disappoints you more: the latest episode of “Game of thrones” or your marriage? Call” jokes lawyer.

Many of the publications aimed at women, but there are those in which Mcminn speaks to men. “Sometimes you have this look on her and my head starts to hurt? Then call” — advises clients of the lawyer. He also often posts memes about divorce.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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