Mistress popular blogger told about the harassment by his wife


www.vsyako.netHeidi O Ferraretto: @AtelierHeidi

Lover YouTube-blogger ProJared named Holly Conrad (Holly Conrad) said that the wife of her lover mocked him. According to The Daily Dot, the woman blackmailed her husband by threatening to tell everyone about his Affairs.

He Rabenbauer Jared (Jared Knabenbauer) claims that he and his wife Heidi O Ferrall (Heidi O Ferrall) were in an open relationship, and she was seeing other men.

Conrad (Holly Conrad) said in Twitter, what people Rabenbauer knew about the actions of his wife and worried for him.

“To get away from abuser difficult. The victims on average is required to pass through this seven times to finally end the relationship. Those months, during which time ProJared was trying to get away from Heidi, was painful. I was worried about him. He was broken, and I was helpless, only occasionally able to talk to him,” wrote Conrad.

According to her, O Ferrall was not opposed to Rabenbauer met Conrad, but later decided to turn the situation against him. In response, wife, blogger has accused his mistress of lies.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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