Selfie lovers accused of “disrespectful” poses with the statues on Easter island


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Marion Giraldo / Reuters

Tourists arriving on Easter island, was accused of “disrespectful” poses with the world-famous moai statues, which they become for a selfie. It is reported by The Mirror with reference to archaeologist Jo Anne van Tilburg.

According to her, people break the rules of conduct, climbing on statues and taking pictures as they supposedly have them picking their nose. In addition, some tourists walk in a protected area and trample the grave.

Archaeologist claims that the island should adopt decisive measures for the preservation of monuments, mankind has not lost a world heritage site by UNESCO. Van Tilberg sure that the uncontrolled flow of tourists is bad for the environment. In 1981, the number of tourists arriving on the island, amounted to 2.5 thousand people, and now — 150 thousand, the newspaper writes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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