The bride refused to call for a small wedding groom’s daughter and was known as a bitch


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Reddit users criticized the bride refused to invite to the wedding three year old daughter of her fiance from her first marriage. They considered it an act unworthy and advised the groom is in a hurry to part with the beloved.

The author of the thread under the name rb07149 posted a screenshot posting on Facebook. It complained about an unknown man who wants to take their wedding of his child from his first marriage.

“I’m marrying him, not his bastard-Goblin. It is his fault, not mine”, — was indignant the bride. According to her, she specifically warned in invitations that the children in the wedding are not allowed. However the groom did not accept this condition at his own expense.

Commentators marveled at the cruelty of the girl and condemned her act. “The groom should cancel the wedding, as soon as possible” — they insisted. Some amazed expressions where the girl described a small child. “It is an error to marry the adult Goblin,” concluded nick.

A number of users began to sneer at the statements of the bride. One commenter suggested that this story is a prequel tale about Cinderella.

Many users ridiculed the arrogant of a bride who decided that her opinion is entirely correct. They advised her to find another partner who has no children from his first marriage.

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