The man returned to the woman’s stolen ten years ago, wallet


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Media Wales

In the British city of Cardiff, the man returned to the woman’s wallet that she had stolen ten years ago. On it informs the British edition Daily Mail.

In 2009, at that time 18-year-old Becca Mills (Becca Milsom) robbed: her car was broken into while she was out with the dog, the car, pulled out a wallet, and witnesses to the incident failed to stop the thief. She did not hope that ever she will return the stolen.

Ten years later, the woman received a package that came for her father. It was stolen a purse and documents. To them was attached a note in which a man called George (George) says that she found things in the Mills in the North of Cardiff during works on clearing of the territory from vegetation. The stranger joked that her discount card may no longer work.

“It makes me think that in the world there are good people. I am so lucky to return the purse. I hope my luck won’t leave me,” admitted Mills. She hopes to find George and to thank him.

Earlier it was reported that in Australia a woman who found the wallet lost 40 years ago. She admitted she was not going to report his find to the police because the purse was not valuable things, but do it as quickly as you can to find the owner.

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