The Ministry of justice of Ukraine has demanded the lustration test associates Zelensky


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The Ministry of justice of Ukraine began checking compliance with the law on lustration in fact the appointment of Andrei Bogdan to the post of head of the presidential administration Vladimir Zelensky. This was written by the Deputy Minister Sergei Petukhov on his page in Facebook.

According to him, the administration of the head of state sent a letter explaining the law “On cleaning power”. In addition, the letter explained how the law is applied in respect of a person head the Ministry. Cocks said that in case the lustration ban was violated, the subject destination (meaning Zelensky — approx. “Of the”) is obliged to dismiss the person appointed, and to transmit documentary evidence to the Ministry of justice.

“In the case of non-compliance of the law “On cleaning power” the final decision should be made by the court and we do not exclude this variant”, — said the representative of the Ministry. “It is absolutely normal established practice of the Ministry of justice, in which there is no drop policy,” — said Petukhov.

In addition to Bogdan, the Ministry requested information about the first Deputy head of administration Sergey Trofimov and other deputies — Yury Kostyuk, Cyril Tymoshenko, the Ruslan Ryaboshapka here and Vadim Pristayko.

Earlier in the Ministry of justice reported that it cannot appeal against the appointment of the head of administration Zelensky, however, I believe that he has no right to hold office. While the statement indicated that this position is “purely informational”.

Bogdan to 2010 he held the post of Deputy Minister of justice of Ukraine in Yulia Tymoshenko’s government. After that, he was the government agent for anti-corruption policy in the Cabinet of Mykola Azarov. After the overthrow of Yanukovych Bogdan worked in the Dnepropetrovsk regional state administration, and was also the personal lawyer of the businessman Igor Kolomoisky.

After the approval of a new position, Bogdan explained that he was in the lyustratsionny list of “completely unfair” after the disclosure of corruption schemes, and the drafters of the document had been placed outside the law as head of the presidential administration and his deputies, therefore, his appointment does not violate the law.

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