The owner of abnormally thick hair complained of bullying


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The owner of the abnormally thick and long hair from the city of Minas Gerais, Brazil, spoke about the difficulties they face because of the feminine appearance. His words are quoted Daily Mail.

In 2012, the 28-year-old actor and model Christiano Braga decided to let my hair grow out, despite the bullying of classmates. “I have no explanation why I want to grow hair. I looked in the mirror and decided to grow, I’ve always liked long hair, admits Braga. — There was a time when I strongly criticized. People called me a woman, a broom, a Scarecrow. They wanted to cut off my hair, said I ugly strange.”

According to the Brazilian, men are often accused of it that it distorts women’s sexuality and women are jealous and believe that the man is not worthy of such beautiful hair. “I was very upset when because of my hair they ask me if I wanted a sex change. This shows that society does not accept what is different from the usual pattern,” says Braga. He also complained that often people taking pictures of him on the streets without his permission.

However, in spite of that, Cristiano is not going to stop on reach length. “I would infinitely grow hair, but I work as an actor, and if I have to get it cut because of work, sorry, I’ll do it. But still I was able to negotiate,” — said the man.

In April, four-month-old boy in Boston simić from the Australian city of Perth became famous due to abnormally thick hair. “People freeze dead when I see his hair. It got looks wherever we came,” he told his mother Tara Simic, which, thanks to photos of her son signed by nine thousand people.

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