The team Zelensky wanted to reduce the number of members of Parliament


www.vsyako.netRuslan Stefanutto: RIA Novosti

The representative of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky Ruslan Stefanchuk in interview to the newspaper “Left Bank” said that the number of MPs should be reviewed.

According to Stefanchuk, such a step should come from the fact that the population of Ukraine in recent years has dropped significantly. “There are European norms of representation. When we had 52 million, the [deputies] had enough, and when we after the census of the population will see that we have 30 million, then why would we 450 deputies?” he said.

The President’s representative also proposed to introduce a new census.

Earlier on may 23, Stepanchuk told about the plans of Vladimir Zelensky in the first 100 days of the presidential term. According to him, the President will reform the administration of the President and “running audit of the state.”

Yesterday, 22 of may, Verkhovna Rada refused to consider the bill Zelensky about changing the electoral law. The President proposed to move to a proportional representation system, the threshold be lowered to three percent, and use on closed election lists.

The number of deputies of the Ukrainian Parliament has changed several times. In 1938 the first convocation of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR consisted of 304 members. After joining the USSR Western Ukraine, the Council further 80 elected members of Parliament. After the collapse of the USSR adopted the Constitution of Ukraine, according to which the Verkhovna Rada consists of 450 MPs.

In Ukraine the last population census was conducted in 2001. Then lived in the country of 48.2 million people. According to the state statistics service of Ukraine, by the beginning of 2018, the population decreased by 6 million people and amounted to 42.2 million people.

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