Three-year-old boy climbed into the machine with toys for a bear and stuck


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In Mansfield, the U.S. state of Texas, the boy stuck in the claw machine when you try to pull the Teddy bear. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

37-year-old Natalie Draper (Natalie Draper) brought their children to an indoor play centre. The woman briefly left his younger son, Noah, to play with a friend to take his brother to the toilet. When Draper came back, ran up to her visitor and asked her if son stuck in a slot machine.

The American was taken aback, seeing Noah inside, among the toys. She called the staff of the centre to get the boy out of there. According to her, “that was the scariest ten minutes of life.”

As the machine belonged to a third party in the children’s center did not have the keys to unlock it. Staff had to break three padlocks with a screwdriver and rotate it around with a knife one of them to pull Noah.

The child was not injured. He told mom that he wanted to get a Teddy bear, so I decided to climb inside.

“Now that it’s over, I can’t stop laughing over the incident,” said the American. —”He just had to ask me for money on a toy, and not to go to extreme measures.”

In 2017, it was reported that in Ireland, exasperated by their bad luck in the game a three year old boy climbed into the machine with stuffed toys, and stuck in it. His father was able to help a firefighter who came to the children’s center with your child.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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