Tourist found insects in purchased at the airport sandwich and was horrified


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @martinbeanz

The traveler found insects in the baguette which I bought in Dublin airport and was disgusted. His story is shared Independent. Irish comedian Martin ward has published online a photo of his Breakfast.

“Just bought this sandwich for Breakfast in the shop in Dublin airport. Why clung to him two strange looking insects? Fucking disgusting,” wrote a man. “They look like they are making love,” concluded ward.

Members of the comedian reacted to it the. “It’s disgusting,” wrote one user. “Mmm, free protein”, — sarcastically joked another. “I am sure that they still took the money,” said the third.

In March, passenger airlines Delta flying business class, found in the dinner served on Board the aircraft, the insect. As told by the traveler during the flight Detroit — Seattle gave him the salad on the plate, which was crawling with live larvae. He took the dish on video and published online.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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