Turkey has denied the information about the ultimatum of the USA for the supply of s-400


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Department of information support of the Baltic region / RIA Novosti

The information presented Washington the ultimatum to Ankara is not true. This was stated by Deputy foreign Minister of Turkey Yavuz Selim Kyran, reports TASS.

The diplomat explained that previously appeared in the media information received from the United States to withdraw within two weeks from the Russian air defense systems s-400 for the American Patriot systems “at the official level did not sound.” Kyran suggested that similar rumors emerged in March after Washington renewed its earlier proposal to supply anti-aircraft missile complexes.

May 22, CNBC, citing anonymous sources said that if Turkey does not refuse from the deal with Moscow, the country will have to exit the program production fighter fifth generation F-35. Turkey will not have already ordered 100 planes and may fall under sanctions by the US and NATO. A source in the Department confirmed that this is the final requirement of the United States.

Later in Godete officially stated that the purchase of Turkey-Ankara 400 faces a “very real and very negative consequences.” The Kremlin has commented on the situation, saying that Moscow considers “unacceptable such ultimatums”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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