Woman 16 years of age, wore tight bra and has a hole in his chest


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In Brighton, England, woman for 16 years, wore tight underwear, which led to the formation of cysts. About it reports the British newspaper Daily Star.

51-year-old Lynn McConnell (McConnell Lynne) in 2003 bought bras with bone size 34GG, who picked her advisers. According to the Brits, she always felt discomfort when wearing, but the sellers assured her that everything is in order.

After a few years she found the seal in the middle of the chest. She immediately sought medical help. The doctor prescribed her antibiotics, thinking that an abscess formed by infection. Pills do not help McConnell get rid of the unbearable pain, and she went to the hospital.

After careful inspection doctors have found British women to breast cyst and cut it. After surgery, the woman still had an open wound, reminiscent of the hole. She healed three months.

“It was awful. I felt unhappy all the time because I was thinking about this hole every day,” admitted McConnell.

She contacted representatives of the company, which was purchased bras. They responded that their products, as well as advanced fitting are irrelevant to the incident.

The British skin Foundation said that a cyst may form as a result of wearing too tight clothing.

Now McConnell buys only free linen, and hopes her case will help other women to avoid such problems.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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