Mentor daughter Alsu Loboda asked the finalists of the children’s “Voices”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Maksim Blinov / RIA Novosti

The mentor show “the Voice. Children” Svetlana Loboda recorded a video message for the participants repeated the final.

In his monologue, the singer was feeling sorry for the contestants who have had to go through difficulties, and wished them good luck. According to her, she’s talking to the contestants not as a mentor and as a friend.

“Any difficulties in our lives given to us that we were stronger, wiser and tougher,” said Loboda. The actress said that worries about every member of the show.

Earlier it became known that the Quinoa will not be able to take part in the second final show for the tour. She was the mentor of the winner of the show Mikelly Abramova. Daughter Alsou Abramova took the decision not to come on this broadcast.

The Finale Of “The Voice. Children” took place on April 26. The winner, scored 56.5 percent of the votes of the audience was Mikella Abramov. Her separation from the party Yerzhan Maxim, runner-up, was a record. Then the employees of the First channel called the vote “abnormal”.

An investigation into the voting revealed fraud in favor of Abramova. The wrapping was carried out in automatic mode. The winner received not less than eight thousand SMS messages and about 30 thousand phone calls in their favor. The first channel cancelled the results of the competition. Later, the singer Alsu said that her daughter and other members were involved in “some games”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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