Published the suspect in the case about the explosion in Lyon


www.vsyako.netScreenshot: BFMTV

Live French TV channel BFMTV showed pictures depicting the possible cause of the explosion in Lyon, injuring 13 people.

On the published picture from the surveillance cameras captured an unknown man 30-35 years old, dressed in a black shirt and beige shorts. His face skryvayut sunglasses. Beside him, the suspect carries the Bicycle to which was attached an explosive device.

The mayor of the second district of Lyon said that due to city cameras police managed to establish his route. The search for the suspect continues.

Earlier, the city police received surveillance video, which shows how a man on a Bicycle tosses a package next to a bakery at the intersection of Victor Hugo and of Fat.

The explosion occurred on may 24 around 17:30 local time. The accident injured 13 people, including an eight year old girl. 11 victims were hospitalized with minor injuries. It was reported that an explosive device Packed with nails, bolts and screws, was disguised as a parcel.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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