The family spent a fortune on food and have the reputation of crazy


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A couple from the UK surprised the viewers and users of the network the amount of money they spend on food. This family was told on one of the editions of the reality show Eat Well for Less (“Eat well for less money”), the report of which was done by the journalist Sun.

According to participants of the project Jen (Jen) and Beck (Bec), their weekly expenditures on food amount to about 365 British pounds (about 30 thousand rubles). Women who have three children, explain such large expenses the fact that everyone in the family eats for dinner meals. “I can’t remember the last time we ate something the same. It takes a long time to cook all different. I think I’m at an impasse and do not know how to get out of it,” complains the situation to Jen. To save time on cooking dinner, the family often orders food or buying semi-finished products.

Jen and Beck admitted that spending so much money on food for the past three years. Every year they spend on food approximately 17 thousand British pounds (approximately one million 400 thousand rubles). According to them, if not such a huge waste, they would be able to move into a new house.

Hosts of the show throughout the week, watched by family and developed a plan to reduce food costs. They advised a couple more healthy and cheap alternatives to products they usually buy. Following the recommendations of leading women for a week was able to save 138 British pounds (about 11 thousand) and admitted that he started much more to love family dinners. In addition, they were able to find dishes that I liked from all — a dish of chicken and pancakes.

Peeking issue viewers were perplexed how you can spend on food so much money. “This is insane. Eat one sweet and almost nothing healthy,” wrote one Twitter user. Another user advised parents to educate children in a more correct attitude to life and to make it so that they were less spoiled with lots of food and its diversity.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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