The most highly paid sex worker, told about his profession


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A resident of Carson city, Nevada, told about the work in the brothel. Her words quoted by the online edition of HuffPost.

27-year-old Alice little (Little Alice) admitted that for a long time was looking for an interesting profession that would allow you to interact with people. In 2016 the woman decided to work a couple of months in the brothel Moonlite Bunny Ranch. Career sex workers her so captivated that she stayed there to this day.

A native of Ireland claims that helps people to cope with problems, for example, to save an intimate relationship in marriage. Her “therapeutic sexual services” are in high demand and cost of two thousand dollars (129,2 thousand). “I love working with couples, because they already have chemistry. I try to solve them the equation and help fill in the gaps,” says little.

According to her, every prostitute from the Moonlite Bunny Ranch self-employed and can dictate terms and prices. Public building charges from their workers half their earnings. Little said that the legal brothels of Nevada has its own jargon. “Customers can come and watch all the girls and order “party,”” she explained, adding that the word “party” refers to a session of BDSM, Threesome or when the customer — pair.

Irish calls himself sapiosexual — a person who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature. “I’m well educated and well mannered. I do not consider myself a victim of circumstances, she said. — I had a choice, and I became a legal sex worker”.

Little claims he earns more than any sex worker American brothels. According to her, elite prostitutes from brothels get from 400 thousand (or 25.8 million) to 700 thousand dollars (USD 45.2 million) a year. “I earn almost twice as much,” admitted little.

A woman recalls how he witnessed the divorce of his parents. Then she didn’t understand what was the cause of family discord. “I grew up and realized that the main reason for their divorce was the lack of intimacy and romance”, she explained.

Little noted that people often incorrectly imagine the work of sex workers. According to her, many think she’s lying on the floor, sexy and Frank underwear, shakes his body and sends to the camera a kiss. “I’m a professional. I’m doing research on the topic of sex, said the Irish. — I’m answering emails, doing reviews of sex toys, give interviews”.

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