The new head of the General staff of Ukraine told about the exit Ilovaisky boiler


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The new head of the General staff of Ukraine Ruslan Homchak said that he could die in Ilovaisk as well as all of his soldiers. He told about it in interview UNIAN.

The General said that went along with 14 soldiers from Ilovaysk to a safe area early on the morning of August 31, 2014. At that time he held the post of head of sector South and the operational command “B” anti-terrorist operation in Donbass (ATO, 2018 Operation United forces — Prime “”). The group had one severely wounded.

“There it was impossible to stand on a mountain and run like Napoleon: you right, you left, and here the cavalry forward. Have to be there to see it,” he said.

According to Hamakom, the command of the separatists have repeatedly asked him to leave the combat zone, leaving the volunteer battalions in and out of the boiler along with the military and technology, but he refused. The military explained that it helped to discipline and motivate fighters.

“Look at what General is here, he is not a fool, he respects himself, doesn’t go away, so we too will fight. Although I had a situation when I was told that everyone already leave Ilovaysk, and I said, “No, I’m here”. Then all [answered]: “We fight on””, — he said.

After a group of Hamakom out of the environment that they were brought to the Old site, where, until the arrival of the helicopter the soldiers assisted the brigade of the national guard. “Haven’t eaten in days anyway, and drank the water from the Kalmius”, the General added. After that, the commander was taken to report to the ATO command. “It was 8-9 in the morning on August 31. And on the morning of 1 September, I was in the President’s administration and reported on the status of the President,” he said.

Homchak commented on criticism of his actions in that battle and stressed that he was, in his opinion, did everything I could. “For me this fight is not over, because until now the whereabouts of many who vanished without a trace (…) But I anyone eyes are not lowered,” — said the commander.

Fighting, known as Ilovajskij boiler began on the night of August 19, 2014. Ukrainian security forces managed to occupy much of the city, but they were surrounded by armed groups of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic. At the exit of the Ukrainian troops suffered serious losses — according to official data, were killed 366 people.

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