The Russians were ashamed to buy condoms


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The Russians were less likely to buy condoms. According to Deputy General Director of the company “Bergus” Natalia lukashovoy, this is due to the shyness of Russian men, according to with reference to the research company DSM Group.

It is noted that in 2018 the people of the country have spent on buying rubber products 6.4 billion rubles, which is 5 percent less than in 2017. Pharmacies sold last year to 24.5 million units, that is 4 percent less than in 2017. In the first quarter of 2019, the dynamics is preserved. Pharmacies sold 5.8 million packs, which is 3.7 percent below last year. Thus, this year, Russians spent 1.5 billion rubles on condoms.

“Propaganda of the fight against AIDS goes, but it is not enough in part it is contraception,” said Lukashova. Besides, in her opinion, young people rarely worry about their health, therefore the Ministry of health need to conduct more educational work.

Lukashova said that condoms should be included in projects for import substitution and measures of state support in the acquisition of foreign technologies. In addition, we need simplified registration of products to Russian products are easier to get on supermarket shelves.

In 2017 the share of domestic medical products sold for men DSM Group was estimated at 9.6 to 10 percent. In the first quarter of 2019, this figure is estimated to be 5.4–5.5 per cent.

According to representatives of the condoms market, interviewed by the publication, organization of latex production in Russia could prove to be detrimental. Besides, manufacturers will be difficult to deliver raw materials to the country, as the need to comply with the temperature regime and follow other strict rules. Smaller companies can’t afford the production of latex. Basically a ready-made condoms imported from Asia to Russia, where they are placed in foil and pack.

In February, Roskoshestvo advised Russians to choose a condom size. The experts noted that the use of products of larger size can cause it to slide during sexual intercourse.

In may it was reported that in Russia in 2018, recorded 567 thousand abortions. In the words of the Commissioner for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova, “this whole generation”.

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