Tony Robbins was accused of racism


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Business coach Tony Robbins has provoked new accusations — this time of racism, said portal BuzzFeed.

The publication dug up video of the seminar Robbins 1980-ies, in which the coach repeatedly says the word “nigger”. Moreover, according to BuzzFeed, it was a lecture to African Americans on how to respond to racism.

In his speech, Robbins was trying to convey the idea that until the African American will be offended and angry when someone called him a nigger, he will remain a slave to his own emotions. And people called him a nigger, get control of it.

To be free, you must learn to react to such things is easy and to translate everything into a joke. To defuse the situation, the coach started clapping and singing “I am a nigger, you nigger, be a nigger!”.

Attorneys Robbins in a letter to Buzzfeed before the publication accused the publication in an attempt to use the video to ruin the reputation of the guru. According to them, the audience, which was made by Robbins, was pleased with the seminar.

Previously, the business coach was accused of sexual harassment. Four women, including a personal assistant Robbins, said that he had made various attempts to seduce them.

Video, photo All from Russia.



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