Kiev acknowledged dependence on trade with Russia


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Demyanchuk / RIA Novosti

Ukraine at the moment can not stop economic relations with Russia. This was stated by the representative of President Vladimir Zelensky in the government of the country Andrey Gerus broadcast NewsOne. The record is available in YouTube account channel.

Answering the question about possibility of a trade, he stressed that Kiev should first be thinking, “if he won’t shoot itself in the foot”. According to him, Ukraine receives the export revenue from supplying products to Russia and getting stronger.

In addition, said Gerus, energy percentage of deliveries from Moscow is especially great. According to him, even if petroleum products are delivered, not directly, but through Belarus, the Baltic States or Poland, they are still made from Russian oil.

“We live in a global world, and stop at the same time economic relations are unreal and impossible,” — he concluded.

19 may, Ukraine has estimated the losses due to the reduction of trade with Russia. According to the estimates of the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Vadim Novinsky, the damage amounted to $ 80 billion over five years. Kiev will require a minimum of 35 years to return the economy to the level of 2013, he said.

Russia and Ukraine in 2015 turn canceled the contract on free trade zone. Kiev and Moscow have also “exchanged” food embargo, the Russian side, in addition, have established customs duties on Ukrainian goods.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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