The teacher demanded to punish the staged scandal mother Dagestani student


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In Makhachkala the head teacher and Russian language teacher of the gymnasium № 33 Victoria Khramova complained to the Prosecutor’s office called her to “stop hurting the souls of children,” the mother of one of the graduates, the radio station “Moscow speaking” on Saturday, may 25.

“I wrote the complaint to Prosecutor’s office for the hideous behavior of this woman for libel in social networks,” she said.

Earlier on Saturday it was reported that the mother of the eleventh-grader Mansour Kurbanalieva took the floor on the ruler on the occasion of “last bell” and sharply criticized the teacher. The corresponding video published in social networks.

Her son, as the holder of four belts in the grappling, was chosen to lead the celebratory ruler. However, Khramova Kurbanalieva removed from this role due to its manners talk. In the end, leading the event was the eighth grade student.

Parents of other students criticism of the teacher is not supported. At school know her as a strict professional.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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