A journalist from the United States explained the word about an absurd game of Russian hockey players


www.vsyako.netJulie Robenhymer: Julie Robenhymer / Twitter

American journalist The New York Times Julie Robenhymer explained his remarks about the absurd game of the national team of Russia on hockey. Her words leads to “Sport-Express”.

Raubenheimer told that after an interview with RT, she began to receive threats on social media, even murder. She said that Russian journalists misinterpreted her words. “Say the word absurd, I was not referring to the absurdity as such, and that Russian national team game in attack incredible and defies logic,” said the journalist.

She added that the Russian team played at very high speeds. “I meant that it is impossible to believe in what I see in the performance of the Russian team. It’s a fantastic team in its composition, but primarily on their game,” concluded Robenhymer.

May 24, the American journalist has called the tactics of the Russian team in the attack is absurd. “They always run. First, at high speed burst into the opponent’s area, and then fly back,” she said. The head coach of Russian national team Ilya Vorobiev laughed at her words.

Team Russia defeated team USA in the quarterfinal match of the world Cup with the score 4:3, but in the semifinals lost to Finland 0:1.

May 26, the Russian hockey players will meet with the Czechs in the match for third place. He will start at 16:45 Moscow time. The final match between Canada and Finland at 21:15.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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