A century-old German was elected Deputy


www.vsyako.netLiselle Housephoto: Uwe Anspach / Globallookpress.com

In the city Kirchheimbolanden in the German Federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate in deputies of local Council chose the 100-year-old retired teacher liesel Heise (Heise Lisel). This publication reports RP Online.

Initially it was only the twentieth in the list of factions, “We are for Kibo”, which came to the fore in the city Council, but the attention from the media and respect for citizens has allowed it to win the vote.

It is reported that Heise is an avid swimmer, and one of the points of its programme to renew the city public pool, which closed 8 years ago. In addition, a woman many years actively involved in the life of the local Protestant community.

She had survived the Second world war and believed that the new rise of nationalism in Europe — “madness”. Heise supports Pro-European politicians and the rapprochement of the countries of the European Union, promoted by the President of France Emmanuel Macron. Age, in her opinion does not matter when you want to participate in politics and to promote change in society.

23 may it was reported that lived up to 100 years, a resident of New Zealand called the secret of his longevity, restful sleep and a healthy diet.

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