Disclosed “easy way” to destroy the s-500


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Press service of the defense Ministry

Advanced Russian anti-aircraft missile system (AAMS) s-500 “Prometheus” should be protected by complexes of short and medium range, in particular, “Beeches”, “Tori” and “Pantsir-s”, writes in “Izvestia”, the chief editor of the magazine “arms Export” Andrey Frolov.

“The fact that the s-500 are very vulnerable. It should be an element of mnogosloinoi system air and missile defense [defense — missile defense],” said the expert.

In his opinion, prospective buyers of s-500 “Prometheus” should have such complexes With-400 “Triumph”, s-300 “Favorite”, “Beech”, “Thor”, “Shell-C”. “S-500, not covered by the systems of short and medium range, can easily be destroyed by relatively simple means of attack,” said the chief editor.

Frolov suggested that the acquisition of the C-500 can be interested in Turkey, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar and, with some reservations, Algeria, Egypt and Iran.

In April the Deputy commander of aerospace forces (VKS) Russia the General-Lieutenant Yury Sins said that the development of s-500 “Prometheus” and promising radar stations is nearing completion.

According to available data, s-500 “Prometheus” is characterized by a radius of 600 kilometers, capable of detecting and simultaneously affect up to ten ballistic targets traveling at a speed of seven kilometers per second, and can intercept warheads at hypersonic speeds.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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