Fans shamed model for the degrading photos of naked girlfriends


www.vsyako.netJ. Alvaretta: @jayalvarrez

Fans shamed the Hawaiian model Alvarez Jay (Jay Alvarrez) for a selfie with a fully naked girlfriend. This drew the attention of the journalists of The Sun.

Model and his lover-colleague Pregrada Valentina (Valentina Fradegrada) was photographed in the bathroom mirror and posted the picture in Instagram. Pregrada held in your left hand phone, right hand covered her chest, while her young man was peeking out from behind her back, closing his hands on the bikini area. “If you were a thumb on my foot, I would beat you up all the furniture in the house” — signed post Alvarez.

Despite the fact that the publication has collected more than 615 thousand likes, many subscribers have criticized Alvarez for degrading girls frame. “Dude, how can you show your girl like this around the world? You are going to do everything to score likes”, — was indignant one of them in the comments. “Just a humiliating picture with a humiliating signature,” agreed another wearer of the social network. “Well, seriously, this is too much,” supported third.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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