Kolomoisky told about the support Zelensky all of the oligarchs


www.vsyako.netIgor Kolomoyskogo: Konstantin Sazonik / TASS

During the presidential campaign in Ukraine, all the oligarchs supported Vladimir Zelensky. In an interview with “Ukrainian truth” said the businessman Igor Kolomoisky.

According to him, many of the oligarchs have spoken publicly in support Zelensky, but “in the soul” absolutely everyone wanted to come to power. Positively to the candidacy Zelensky treated and Rinat Akhmetov, who is associated with the “Opposition bloc”. The businessman also said that Akhmetov predicted victory Zelensky in 2016, after the TV series “servant of the people”. Then Zelensky has not announced their presidential ambitions.

At the same time, Kolomoisky said that “the consensus of oligarchs” with respect to support Zelensky was not. “It’s not that the oligarchs among themselves as agreed to something. Many, [Dmytro] Firtash, for example, his position has never publicly expressed”, he added.

The day before, on may 26, Kolomoisky called on the US and the European Union to write off the external debt of Ukraine. According to the businessman, the Western partners should take this step as a compensation for the suffering during the struggle with Russia.

Vladimir Zelensky won the elections of the President of Ukraine, the second round of which was held on April 21, received a record for country level support in 73% of the votes. After taking office the new President appointed his chief of staff lawyer Andrew Bogdan, who is known as a personal lawyer Kolomoisky. The appointment drew criticism because of the fact that in respect of Bogdan, according to journalists, the restrictions of the Ukrainian lustration law, which theoretically do not allow him to hold public office.

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