Muscovite came up with the plan of development of the far Eastern acres


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Olga Zherikova

A resident of Moscow Olga Zherikova issued far Eastern hectares in Partizansky district of Primorsky Krai and is going to arrange the plantation for the breeding of medicinal mushrooms, as well as to build a house. About it the woman told the Agency on human capital development in the far East, the press service of the Ministry for development of Russian Far East and the Arctic.

According to Jirickova, she studied the land in the vicinity in search of land with unspoiled nature, good transport accessibility and near the settlements. “The location of the site will not only sit comfortably on a hectare, and open manufacturing, but also to organize the delivery to buyers,” she added.

Muscovite preparing for the first trip to the area. In the summer she plans to build on it a small plantation of mushrooms. The idea of this project called Russian unique. “The fact that all focus on the production of popular edible mushrooms, but there are useful types of mushrooms, which have a pronounced therapeutic effect, which is confirmed by international research,” explained Jirickova.

Participants in the program to give the Russians far East of the acres were about 75 thousand people, said the Ministry. People get land for free, whereas three years ago they had to buy it at auction, pay for the survey and agree the design in different instances.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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