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Expert centre of the Russian consumers Union “Roskontrol” conducted a study of tomato juice. It has involved samples of seven brands: Noyan, “4 seasons”, “Good”, “Good”, “Every day”, “Gifts of Kuban” and Santal.

Experts check the samples for more than 40 parameters, including the sample, the safety, the presence of starch and pesticides. They bought samples in stores, but did not receive from stock or directly from production.

Products two brands — “season 4” and “Good” — can’t be called juice because it has insufficient content of soluble solids. However, all investigated samples made from tomatoes.

“Tomatoes are not characterized by the content of starch, its detection indicates possible add as a thickener. It is not forbidden by the technical regulations, but must be reflected in the marking. The need to use a thickener is also a sign of low quality raw materials”, — quotes the expert of the center of expertise “Roskontrol” Elena Manachini.

The juice “Good” and “Gifts of Kuban” have been identified antifungal drug propamocarb, Noyan, and “Good” — the mold (and there and there — in small and not dangerous for the body). All juices contain a small amount of nitrates. Preservatives anywhere was not found.

The study in the list of goods with the comments made juices, “4 seasons”, “Good”, “Good” and Santal. Noyan, “Every day” and “Gifts of Kuban” are recommended for use.

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