Passengers have had sex on Board the plane and he got on camera


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @darrenmcmullen

Australian TV presenter Darren Macmullen did a series of articles in Instagram, which shows a man and woman sitting in front of him, and have sex. His posts drew the attention of publishing

The incident occurred on a flight of Jetstar. According to Macmullen first actions of the guy with the girl was not very noticeable, and then the chair started to shake.

Sitting next to a couple of fellow passengers did not pay attention to what is happening: for example, their neighbor was trying to photograph the skyline from the window.

When it was over, the host had risen from his chair and went to congratulate the man with a membership in the mile high club (“the club engaged in sex in plane”). “Hey man, I have to say it was legendary,” said Macmullen, shaking his hand.

However, when the airline personnel saw the publication of leading, they protested such behavior of passengers. “We do not tolerate inappropriate behaviour on Board, and urge passengers to report any such incidents”, — said the representative of Jetstar.

In April, the former flight attendant told me about the time her team got schooled retired to the toilet a couple. According to her, the crew always understands, what do the two people in the restroom due to the “shaking doors”. Usually the flight attendants of her team tried to ignore it, but one day they decided to play a joke on the couple and congratulated them with a bottle of champagne and applause.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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