Posner appreciated the opportunity to shoot Chubais


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Television journalist Vladimir Pozner was acquitted politician Anatoly Chubais called attitude is unfair. His reasoning on the subject published on the website of the daily mail.

One of the readers asked Posner to imagine a situation in which he would be able to shoot Chubais. “Could you shoot and become a national hero?” he said the publicist.

Posner remembered that once I personally asked Chubais, as he lives with the consciousness of universal hatred. In his response, he concluded that it was very difficult. The journalist noticed that most relates to the policy with hostility automatically, not even knowing what is not to love.

“You don’t know what you’re facing so-called “kamikaze”, that is, those who came to power, when you stood in the queue for meat,” concluded Posner. According to him, many economists and politicians after the collapse of the USSR had to make unpopular decisions, because they do not see other way.

The presenter compared the dislike of the Russians to Chubais lack of understanding of Gorbachev’s policies: “But I want to say that despite the fact that Chubais is not my buddy, to put it mildly, but I think that attitude is completely unfair — and the same is unfair to Mikhail Gorbachev”, — he said. Posner noted that Gorbachev did not want to ruin the USSR, and wanted to change it.

Anatoly Chubais head of the state Corporation “Rosnano”. In the 1990s he was head of economic and financial policies in Russia and then was appointed Chairman of the Committee for state property management. According to the memoirs of Yegor Gaidar, Chubais said that he put on the position the person will continue to always blame the sale of Russian.

Earlier the journalist justified dislike of Russians to life. Among the reasons of this attitude he described as “joyless religion” and complex historical development, including serfdom and the tsarist government.

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