The guys talked about the strangest classes in the men’s locker room


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Netizens shared unusual stories about what happened in the men’s locker room. They talked about it in the thread on Reddit, which gained about three thousand comments.

Many of the incidents were somehow connected with the deodorant. One of the girls in the thread said that once her classmates have soiled them all the walls, and wondered why they did so. The commentators answered that, most likely, the boys would then light it on fire. One of the guys gave an example of how he and his friends did something like that. “If for a few seconds to block the incoming air flow in the dryer for hands and then splash a little bit Axe, from another hole out a ball of fire,” he described a trick he.

It turned out that for the entertainment guys used not only deodorant, and other hygiene products. “My friends poured a lot of shampoo on the floor and competed who continue to fly”, — shared memories Olymswim. Moreover, users admitted that he often threw something at each other, for example, shoes or bags of milk.

Some of the class guys in the locker room were not the most harmless. The user themidnightcigarette told about how one of his friends converted the camera into a Taser and used it against his friends. According to another user, his classmate out of curiosity pierced her nipple with a safety pin and pulled it through the whole workout.

Among the answers were those stories that caused the reader smile. For example, bop-my bologna wrote that one day, they found in the nearby woods big Dildo and raced with him for each other. And Bread_boy232 told how one day the boy revenged offend the guy, chasing him around the locker room with the included cleaner.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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