The woman and her dog found the tumor in the same places


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In Leeds, England, a woman for several years struggling with cancer along with his dog, which suffers from the same disease. It is reported by British newspaper the Mirror.

60-year-old Sheila Walker (Sheila Walker) was diagnosed in 2015, and her Yorkshire Terrier Banna (Banna) — three years later. A woman struggling with a tumor in the right breast, and cancer of the bones and spine. Tumors dogs located on the right side of the body and in the spine.

The British first felt ill a few years ago — she lost weight dramatically and felt an unbearable pain in the back. She was diagnosed with cancer of the spine, which was secondary. Then the doctors found the Walker tumor in the right breast. From the pain the woman could not walk, and she had to leave work in the boutique.

Her dog Banna put a similar diagnosis in 2018. She underwent two operations, but the animal also experienced difficulty walking. The dog will need several surgeries and lots of recovery time. Walker admits that it hurts to look at suffering pet.

“Quite unusual and strange that we are on the same path together. We have good and bad days, but we are always next to each other,” — said Walker. According to the woman, the dog gives her the strength to fight an incurable disease.

Now Walker is eighth cycle carbon breast cancer research under the guidance of Professor Chris Twelves (Chris Twelves), consultant in clinical Oncology in the hospitals of Leeds. According to the woman, she is glad to be a part of this experiment that may help others. Also she is not discouraged and believes that she and her dog will be able to recover.

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