The woman mistook a dangerous disease with a cold and I was paralyzed


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Danielle McGuinness

A resident of the Scottish city of Glasgow adopted the symptoms of dangerous disease for the flu and ended up in the hospital completely paralyzed. Reported by the Daily News.

Daniel McGuinness (Danielle McGuinness) for weeks I suffered from nausea and severe coughing, taking it for signs of a cold. On 8 January, a few hours before leaving for vacation, 29-year-old woman numb limbs. The woman went to the hospital, where the doctor explained that her condition caused anxiety before the trip.

The Scot returned home, but after a while felt worse and asked the mother to call an ambulance. Medics took McGuinness to the clinic and diagnosed her with Guillain — Barre syndrome (GBS) is a rare disease in which the immune reaction to intestinal or lung infection causes damage to the nervous system.

The patient was put into an artificial coma, as the disease has spread to the lungs. McGuinness recalls how he woke up in the ICU, paralyzed from head to toe. “I lay in bed for 11 weeks, and my muscles atrophied, — she said. I had to relearn everything: comb hair, stand up and walk. Like a little child.”

After weeks of physiotherapy McGuinness began to recover. “I want to understand why it happened with me, why I was the one of the 50 thousand who have found this syndrome,” concluded the Scot. Now the woman plans to share her history and to write a book to help people with similar disease.

In January it was reported that the inhabitant of the British city of Liverpool, County Merseyside, paralyzed due to an infection, which gave her a stray cat. The cause was the Guillain — Barre syndrome.

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