Wife wanted to get money for the housework and angered users of the network


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The lady Reddit with nick SillySpeaker2 ran into criticism from users of the site after he confessed his desire to obtain from her husband a few thousand dollars a month pocket money because she is caring for a child and does the housework. Her post got more than a thousand comments.

SillySpeaker2 said that she and her husband have been married for four years and 18 months ago they had a son. The woman left work to care for a child, and her husband continued to provide for his family. According to the wearer, a man very frugal and requires the wife to agree with him purchases worth more than 150 dollars (about 10 thousand rubles), but it is not satisfied. “I can easily spend money when hanging out with friends, go to restaurants or shopping. I feel humiliated when you have to negotiate with them the cost,” explained SillySpeaker2.

At the end of his post, the lady asked the opinion of other users about come out with the solution. According to the woman, her sister’s husband gives his wife three and a half thousand dollars (approximately 226 thousand), so she could spend them at its discretion. SillySpeaker2 thinks their family could do the same. She believes that her husband could each month to pay her the sum similar to earnings of the nurse.

Most of the users reacted to this position women negatively. “I think you’re asking too much,” wrote one of the users. “It is foolish to demand money for something that sit at home and raise children, you’re a grown man,” protested the other. Some users condemned the woman because she may not understand the intentions of her husband. According to commentators, his frugality can be explained by the desire to provide for his family for many years to come. However, there were also those who criticized the post women, and advised her to discuss with her husband the problem.

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