Beglov demanded to establish a popular version of the budget of St. Petersburg


No later than the third quarter of 2019 must be created the popular version of the operating budget of St. Petersburg. This was stated by acting Governor Alexander Beglov, reports Regnum.

It is reported that a similar task is set in relation to district budgets and General plan of St. Petersburg. According to Beglov, the budget should be understandable to citizens. “We need to promote it, so that our residents know what we spend the money. This is very important,” he said.

The emphasis in fiscal policy team Beglov will be made on social services. In particular, it is noted that until the end of 2019 all children’s polyclinics of a city will receive up to one million rubles for the purchase of necessary medical equipment. In total for children’s medical facilities and General practitioners ‘ offices, which now buys a city, will be allocated to the equipment is 240 million rubles.

Discussing the problem of housing in the city, head of St. Petersburg declared the necessity to repair at least 300 kilometers of heating systems per year. Beglov noted that the need to get out of the situation when the number in need of repair networks only increases, not decreases.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Committee of Finance Alexey Korabelnikov said that the national debt of St. Petersburg decreased by 4.7 billion rubles, and as of the first of January of the current year was estimated at 30.1 billion rubles. The ratio of debt of the city and his income is estimated at 5.4 per cent.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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