Bribes called condition of survival in North Korea


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Danish Siddiqui / Reuters

The UN has published a report on the violations of human rights and the prosperity of the “black market” in the DPRK. About it reports Reuters.

In the report of the office of the high Commissioner for human rights (OHCHR), said that the officials extort from citizens of a bribe, threatening with arrest and detention. The statement is based on testimony of more than two hundred North Koreans who escaped from the country.

The UN high Commissioner for human rights Michelle Bachelet argues that the ability to bribe civil servants depend on the basic rights of citizens of the DPRK for food, health, shelter, freedom. “I am concerned that the issue of nuclear threats distracting the attention of the international community from the terrible situation with human rights of millions of North Koreans”, says she.

DPRK refutes the veracity of the report and States that it was created with the purpose of the negative political influence. In addition, representatives of North Korea believe that any humanitarian problems in the country — is a consequence of the UN sanctions, 2016.

Earlier, the world food programme and food and agriculture organization has already expressed its concern about the situation in the DPRK related to the drought and lack of harvest. The experts wrote that more than 10 million people in North Korea suffer from famine and drought.

Experts believe that the situation is complicated because of the effect from the sanctions of the UN security Council. They were imposed after North Korean nuclear test in 2016.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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